As students complete their Pathways Action Plan Online, the Pathways Coordinator has centralised access to all students’ plans online, and can generate a range of reports that assist in managing information and counselling students. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the students in the school while showing the preferences and direction the student population wants to study. This allows a real-time overview of the student body at each year level, which can be incorporated in school reporting and planning.

Student Pathways Online streamlines the planning process, eliminating the need for paper based communication. The system removes any errors made through manually entering information. Students enter all information into the system directly and can update this information at any time.
Pathway Leaders and Teachers can also view this data (in accordance to security clearance levels set within the school) and extract relevant information to provide broad or targeted summaries of student decisions being made, confident that all data is up-to-date and accurate. SPO removes the time required to develop questionnaires, allowing schools more time to monitor and counsel students to decide their future direction.

With the variety of reports the Pathways Coordinator has available to them, they can obtain a broad understanding of the schools position and future direction. The information included in these reports will assist the coordinator in strategy planning that aligns with the students preference for their education direction. Information is current and up-to-date as students can log in and change their information and preferences at any given time throughout the year.
Frustrations associated with accessing the latest data, or collecting and recording the many changes that occur throughout the year all become effortless with SPO—allowing for schools to concentrate on using the information gathered to properly support and guide students towards making wise choices for their future.