Student Pathways Online enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of options they can explore for further education and training.

Links to external government websites that aim to educate and inform students of career paths are included in the system.

Not only does Student Pathways Online encourage students to consider their future and identifies influences that impact their career planning, the system develops their skills to effectively manage their careers and pathways throughout life.

Todays Y-Gen students heavily rely on technology to work, play and communicate. Students are more responsive to operating in an online environment. The system can auto generate a Pathways Action Plan for the student to use as a reference, as well as a resume template pre populated with the information uploaded into the system.

The “barriers to learning” section allows students to communicate with school counsellors through a platform they are comfortable with. Students can request for counsellors to contact them and can highlight any concerns they have through a private portal.

Student Pathways Online guides students through a series of questions that provides a comprehensive overview of the student and the direction they would like to talk in the future. This allows the school to provide counselling specific to the needs and wants of that student.

Student Pathways Online includes a “Barriers to Learning” section, where each user has the opportunity to indicate any concerns impacting them in a secure environment.

The program provides a list of factors that may impact the student and their learning with the opportunity to provide further information about the concerns they have, and rank how greatly the issue is impacting them. Students can request for their school counsellor to contact them for further support. If a student indicates that there is an issue impacting them, the school counsellor is immediately notified and can provide the appropriate support. In order to engage today’s Gen Y students, it is important to deliver information in a manner suited to them.